Do I need permission to use photos of houses?

I am a Realtor, and would like to take photos of a few homes in town and use them in my Internet marketing. Can I use these photos without the homeowners’ permission?

Steven Lee on July 10, 2012

Hi Steve. This is a tricky area, and depends upon local property rights, so consult a local attorney. In general, you should only use photos of homes that have an affiliation with (e.g. you are representing for sale). Otherwise you risk implying a business association with the property owner, who might then object. You might be able to show photos of local homes if you expressly state that they are only representative of types of homes in the area. But, if someone can recognize their property in your marketing and is not happy about it, then you could face complaints. Getting a signed property release is advised, and consult a local attorney.

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