“You can’t prohibit photography in public. But the prohibition of photography on private property is legitimate. That decision is up to the property owner. If you don’t want to follow the [property owners’s] rules, don’t get on the [property].”
Daniel Greenberg, an attorney who specializes in photography rights issues

“If you are taking photos on [property] and are asked to stop, don’t argue or take offense. Just stop and save yourself a heap of potential trouble. Arguing … about your perceived rights will almost always be a losing proposition.”
Jeffrey Loop, an attorney and photographer

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Reply by Anonymous

May 19, 2016

I have a question, it is photos of my home and property taken from a plane then a sells person tries to sell us the photo...also this person didn’t get permission to take the photo of our home or property, is this legal? I was outraged he had an excuse of they were in a plane not a drone (which i didn’t even say the word drone?) and they were 700 ft up in a plane and took the picture it’s legal he states...i feel my privacy was invaded take a picture of something that is private home in the woods and then tried to sell it to this all legal?

Reply by Andrew Hudson, PhotoSecrets

June 7, 2016

Yes this is probably legal. People are generally free to photograph whatever they can see from a public viewpoint, and the sky above is public space. There are laws being discussed that would limit photograph under a certain height (for drones), but planes fly higher. For example, photos of your house from above are probably on Google Maps. I think it is all legal as there is probably not a law to make it illegal.

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