Do I need permission to sell a photo of someone’s house?

If I am looking to make postcards or make a calendar or something like that, and I take a picture of someone’s house, is that legal? Do I need their permission to use it and possibly sell it? It isn’t a picture of them, rather of their property. I have taken some really great pictures that are of people’s farms. They would make awesome pictures for a calendar or postcards, etc. But I don’t want to find myself in any trouble for using someone’s house in a photo.

Keri on March 15, 2012

Make sure you photograph from public property (e.g. a you stand on a street or sidewalk) and that no people, identification, private situation or artwork is shown. The main issue here is privacy. If a photo that you sell includes a house that can be recognized by the owner, and the photo is used in a manner that offends the property owner, their possible recourses include privacy and property suits. Public viewpoints of non-private things are generally OK. But most microstock companies will not accept photos of private houses with property releases.

public viewpoint, privacy, property release.

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