By Andrew Hudson Published: June 20, 2011 Updated: December 4, 2013

Money,” said The Beatles, “can’t buy me love.” But it can buy me a new lens. Plus food, a car, and pay the mortgage. So let’s leave love to songwriters and concentrate on something we all want more of: money.

Taking photos is fun. What’s more fun, is getting paid for taking photos. Then you can spend more time doing what you enjoy. In this book, I’m going to reveal how you can make money from photography.

I’ve been writing on this subject since 1999 and this book is a compilation of all that I’ve learned. I hope that these tips help you. Welcome to PhotoSecrets Sell Photos Online.

The most popular question I receive from my PhotoSecrets website is:

How can I sell my photos? I took some great pictures of (something). My friends say the shots are terrific and could be used in magazines, advertising, etc. Is that possible? How can I do that?”

Yes, you can make money from your photos. In fact, thanks to the wonderful Internet, it’s now easier than before for photographers to reach buyers. You can sell your pictures and thereby become a published, professional (or at least “semi-pro”) photographer. It just takes time and effort.

To speed your way to profitable photography, I’ve put all the tips, ideas and links that I know of into this book. You can read the pages in series like a book or tap a link and jump directly to the info you want.

Following an introduction, I’ll review the three ways you can sell photography online: on microstock sites, on your own website, and as products. Then I’ll cover some photo tips about the top-selling photos and photographing models. Lastly, it’s onto the nitty-gritty of technical info and photography law.

If there’s something that I’ve not covered, please let me know. I hope this is helpful and gets you some well-deserved cash.

Every photographer has some great photos; every person likes to make money. This book will help you combine the two and create income. After all, how else are you going to pay for that nice, new lens?

So let’s start the adventure with PhotoSecrets Sell Photos Online. Good luck!

Andrew Hudson,
San Diego, CA.

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