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PhotoSecrets Sell Photos Online
by Andrew Hudson

ISBN: 9781930495319
Published: May 2011 in EPUB 2.0.1 for Apple iBooks 1.2.1
Version: 1-02; June 07 2011
Publisher’s code: SSP 1.0 EPUB
Apple ID: 436292174

Publication history:
1999/10: First article published online as “How To Sell Your Photos.”
2007/06: First edition online as “PhotoSecrets How To Sell Your Photos.”
2010/11: Trial EPUB edition for Apple iBooks 1.
2011/05: First EPUB edition for Apple iBooks 1.2.
2011/05: First MOBI edition for Amazon Kindle.

Published by:
Photo Tour Books, Inc. dba PhotoSecrets
9582 Vista Tercera, San Diego CA 92129

Written, designed, coded, and published by Andrew Hudson ( photosecrets.com).

All text © Andrew Hudson 1999–2013. No reproduction permitted without written approval. Most photos from Shutterstock.

Thanks to: You, the reader, for making this possible; My wonderful wife, Jennie, and our darling kids, Redford and Roxy, for helping maintain the illusion that this is work; Bob Krist for inspiration and humour;Liz Castro at Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis for illuminating the delights of iBooks; Benoit Maurel at PhotoMerchant.net for SEO tips. Hello to all my family and friends in England, San Diego, and elsewhere.

PHOTOSECRETS® is a registered trademark of PhotoSecrets (Photo Tour Books, Inc.). All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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