How do I convince a print store that I took some photos?

I recently took some pictures and had them printed. While I know this is a compliment in a sense, I was given a hard time when I went to pick them up. I was told asked if they were copyrighted. I told them that yes, they were. The store began to refuse to give me the prints. When I explained to them that I own the pictures AND the copyrights because I am the one who snapped the pictures, I was asked for proof. Eventually, they gave me my pictures but I had to sign a paper saying that I understand the laws and that the pictures were my own work. How am I supposed to prove photos being my own work? By the way, I had some of the same photos printed at a second place and was questioned again. And I’m no professional. It’s just a hobby. I understand that it’s a compliment, but no one could answer my question of how to prove that it was my work.

Kari on June 6, 2012

Hi Kari. Yes, this is often the case with print stores. They are under a legal requirement concerning copyright, stemming from a landmark case against Kinko’s. You could try to prove ownership by bringing in your camera and comparing it to the metadata of the photos, or by bringing in similar but less-good photos that you took. Or you could just sign their form and get your prints.

photocopying, case law: Kinko’s

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