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Reply by Mandee

October 3, 2012

hello, i am an amateur photographer and i mainly just take photos of my family for fun, but i put a lot of work into those photos. i do not put a watermark or a copyright symbol on my photos at the moment but i am wondering if i should, especially since i do have a friend of the family who likes to save my photos i have displayed on my facebook and reedit them to her liking(and sometimes completely distorting them) without my permission. should i put a marking on my photos to show that they are indeed my property and not intended for others use? thank you for any information.

Reply by Andrew Hudson, PhotoSecrets

October 26, 2012


Hi Mandee:

That is up to you and your personal preference. A watermark is not legally necessary but can help thwart unapproved usage. You could also contact the friend directly and politely let them know about your concerns. For more information on watermarks, see watermark.


Reply by Scott Kasden

September 2, 2012


Do you have any forms that can be used to license photos to clients? I don’t want to sell copyrights, or the images, just license them for finite periods of time, but I don’t have any forms for that.



Reply by Andrew Hudson, PhotoSecrets

September 6, 2012


Hi Scott:

No, I don’s have such forms. I just write on the invoice “Non-exclusive license to use the photos for only &#hellip;”

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