Do I have rights to photos I took for a college paper?

I am a student at a local college. I worked as a photographer for the school paper. There was no contract signed with any definition of my job description or requirements. The paper has allowed a popular restaurant chain to use the images that I shot. They made prints that are on display in their store. I did not get any credit for my photos. The school has informed me that I have no rights to the images at all. I just want credit for my images as a student. Do you have any advice?

Angela on March 7, 2012

You are right. If you took the photo then you own the copyright. Since you didn’t sign the copyright away, it is yours, and not the college’s. The college may say that anything you do for them belongs to them but that wouldn’t seem to have any basis in a contract. So yes, you can require the restaurant to do anything you like in exchange for their use of your photo.

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