Ralph Lee Hopkins

Ralph and Andrew Hudson met in 2008. They were introduced by Bob Krist while Ralph was presenting a National Geographic seminar on travel photography with Bob, and Andrew was working on a book ( PhotoSecrets Travel Photography) for the seminar with Bob. After a few drinks at the hotel bar, a sister book seemed like a good idea, and PhotoSecrets 101 Tips for Nature Photographers was begun.

Ralph Lee Hopkins travels to the world’s wild places with Lindblad Expeditions, which operates seven ships worldwide including the National Geographic Endeavour and Explorer. He is the Director of Photo Expeditions for the Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic alliance and images from his travels are represented by the National Geographic Image Collection. An inspiring teacher, Ralph teaches photography workshops and seminars for Lindblad Expeditions, National Geographic and the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. His website address is www.wilderlandimages.com.

Ralph lives in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

PhotoSecrets 101 Tipsfor Nature Photographers
By Ralph Lee Hopkins
Paperback $19.95
6"x9", 208 pages
ISBN: 978-1-930495-18-0
In development for 2011


Reply by Fred

September 15, 2013

Where is your book available? Di you post any photos from your photo week at camp denali ? Thanks,fred

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