How do I work with models?

By Andrew Hudson Published: September 27, 2011 Updated: October 29, 2013

Well. You work well with models. It’s easy — models like the same things you do: money, publicity, snack food, jokes, respect, coffee. So let’s find out what you need specific help with.

For most people, public speaking is the scariest thing. For photographers, it’s working with models. Put a photographer with a shark, or hanging out of a helicopter, or on an icy mountain, and they’re fine. But ask them to talk with a strange and attractive person that is paid to be there, and they freeze.

If that sounds like you, read How to Work with Models.

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Reply by Trey

May 10, 2013

how do i work with models for my web site shoot...and how do i use the copyrights laws and such

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