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By Andrew Hudson Published: November 5, 2013 Updated: May 29, 2016

Canon Inc. (キヤノン株式会社?) Kiyanon kabushiki-gaisha is a Japanese multinational corporation based in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan. The name comes from Kwanon, a 1934 prototype 35mm camera.

Canon’s first camera debuted in 1984 and all current DSLR cameras are part of the EOS (Electro-Optical System) system, introduced in 1987. The acronym EOS was chosen for Eos, the Titan Goddess of dawn in Greek mythology, and is often pronounced as a word (UK /ˈiː.ɒs/ or US /ˈiː.ɑːs/), although some spell out the letters, reading it as an initialism.

The Canon EOS-1D C is stated to be the world’s first 4K resolution DSLR camera.

Source: Wikipedia

Canon DSLRs

Professional full-frame
EOS-1D X18MPfull frameMar 20121Ds Mk III and 1D Mk IV
EOS-1D C18MPfull frameJan 2013
Advanced full-frame
EOS 5D Mark III22MPfull frameMar 20125D Mk II
Advanced APS-C
EOS 7D18MPAPS-CSep 2009
Enthusiast Full frame
EOS 6D20MPfull-frameNov 2012
Enthusiast APS-C
EOS 60D18MPAPS-CAug 201050D
Entry-level APS-C
EOS Rebel T5i (700D)18MPAPS-CMar 2013Rebel T4i/EOS 650D
EOS Rebel T5 (1200D)18MPAPS-CMar 2014
EOS Rebel T4i (EOS 650D)18MPAPS-CJun 2012Rebel T3i/EOS 600D
EOS Rebel SL1 (100D)18MPAPS-CMar 2013
EOS Rebel T518MPAPS-CFeb 2014EOS Rebel T3i (EOS 1100D)

Comparison of Canon EOS cameras

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