What if the files for a single case are too large to be uploaded in a single session?

“If you attempt to upload one or more files whose total exceeds the maximum that can be transmitted within 60 minutes, you will see a message alerting you that files selected are too large for successful upload in one session. If you have one or more very large files, we recommend that you:

  • Compress the file(s) by zipping them.
  • Break large files into two or more smaller files so that the total is less than the maximum size for uploading.
  • Upload multiple deposit files in more than one session: after files are submitted, close the “Upload” window, click the Upload Deposit link for the same case in the Deposit Submission table, then select and upload more files. Repeat these steps until all files for thecase have been submitted.

U.S. Copyright Office, eCO Online System

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