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“Wishes” A cute child blowing a dandelion, by Eva Serrabassa
Rank: 1; Downloads: >20,000

Enjoying the Sun, by Anouchka
Rank: 2; Downloads: >19,000

Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smiling, by Catherine Yeulet
Rank: 3; Downloads: >10,000

Two people relaxing in beach-chairs in the shade of a tropical palm tree on remote sandy beach. Roatan, Honduras, by Devon Stephens
Rank: 4; Downloads: >10,000

Beautiful mother and daughter playing together, by Izabela Habur
Rank: 5; Downloads: >9,400

Happy kids forming a huddle, by Marzanna Syncer
Rank: 6; Downloads: >9,200

Senior man giving woman piggyback ride through autumn woods, by Monkey Business Images
Rank: 7; Downloads: >7,800

Futuristic financial district in a modern city, by Matej Pribelsky
Rank: 8; Downloads: >7,400

A happy family of three standing in the yard in front of their home, by Justin Horrocks
Rank: 9; Downloads: >7,400

Woman in white doing yoga by infinity pool, by Webphotographer
10; Downloads: >7,100

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