Yuri Accurs interviews

By Andrew Hudson Published: February 1, 2012 Updated: January 19, 2017

He’s 32, lives in Denmark, and is a microstock millionaire. Since 2008, Yuri Accurs has been the world’s best-selling microstock photographer, licensing a photo every eight seconds. How does he do it? Now we can find out.

Here are two videos and an interview with Yuri Accurs:

  • Above is a video from German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.
  • Below is a video from >FotoTV.

“I get inspired from everything around me. I read a lot of books and magazines to see what actually sell and what content is in high demand.”
— Yuri Accurs interviewed by Alex Tintea at WPCrown Magazine

Source: >ISO1200 via Michael Zhang at PetaPixel; >FotoTV via FStoppers; Alex Tintea at WPCrown Magazine

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