Tip 6
Foul Weather Tactics

By Bob Krist

By Andrew Hudson Published: August 18, 2011 Updated: May 3, 2013

Don’t pack away the camera when the sun’s not out and the sky’s not blue — there are plenty of good pictures that can be taken when the weather’s less than ideal.

The key to shooting in these conditions is to eliminate the sky from any of your pictures because it will register a bald white or gray. Instead, look for compositions that don’t include the horizon. The more graphic and colorful the subject matter, the better.

There are some subjects that are actually better shot under the low contrast overcast light. Flower close-ups, street scenes, people pictures are all ideal subjects for this kind of light. Even when the rain or snow starts to fall, I look for compositions that utilize reflections on wet streets, pattern shots with umbrellas, and slice of life pictures of people taking shelter from or otherwise coping with the weather.

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