Sony PlayMemories debuts

By Andrew Hudson Published: April 30, 2012 Updated: January 19, 2017

By Andrew Hudson Published: April 30, 2012 Updated: January 19, 2017

Consumer electronics giant Sony is expanding its online photo-sharing offerings with an improved cloud-based photo service called “PlayMemories Online”

The service integrates a wide range of Sony products, including cameras, camcorders, smartphones, photo frames, and even TVs with a cloud service similar to Apple’s iCloud. Users can take photos and upload them to the Sony cloud via an Android app or software for Windows and Macintosh. Sony provides 5GB of storage for free and photo-editing software for the PlayStation 3. The service replaces the online media product Personal Space.

“Today, Personal Space — Sony’s cloud-based video and photo storage service — is becoming the PlayMemories Online service. Part of the Sony Entertainment Network, the PlayMemories Online service gives you access to 5GB of storage, for free, to store all of your memories.”
— Ashley, Sony Blog, April 25, 2012.

Rival Samsung is expected to add a cloud service soon.

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