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The tips articles on the PhotoSecrets website are provided for the free benefit of all photographers. You have my permission to reproduce any of the Andrew Hudson tips in hard-copy form (NOT on other Web sites or other online or electronic media) for non-profit purposes (NOT commercial publications such as magazines, newspapers, books) free of charge. For example, you may include an Andrew Hudson photo tips article in your camera club’s monthly newsletter, and you may distribute copies in a photography class.I ask that you simply include the following text: By Andrew Hudson. (c) Andrew Hudson (insert current year here). Used with permission. Visit the PhotoSecrets Travel Photography Web site at Note that this permission does NOT pertain to the non-Andrew Hudson tips, such as those by James Blank, Dianne Brinson (the law article), Bob Couey, Bob Krist, or any photos or any other text or code or images on the PhotoSecrets Web site.

Commercial and Online Usage

If you wish to use these tips articles in magazines, newspapers, books, CDs, online web sites, or other commercial or online or electronic purposes, please email me. A fee and written permission would be required. Commercial or electronic usage without permission is a violation of copyright, and you don’t want to mess with that!

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If you have a writing request, please email me.

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