New pricing for DepositPhotos

By Andrew Hudson Published: October 13, 2011 Updated: August 28, 2012

Depositphotos has introduced an interesting new pricing model. The prices (and thus royalty amount) of a photographer’s photos increases as the photographer’s level increases.

“We introduced this new pricing model to stimulate contributors to upload and sell more images. In addition, this change is designed to attract those contributors who had previously dismissed Depositphotos as a low-earning agency.”
Igor Kalyuzhny, Depositphotos

About Depositphotos Inc.
Depositphotos is the fastest-growing stock photo agency in the world. Presently it offers over 4 million stock photographs and vector images sold under royalty-free licenses. The stock photo library is increased daily by thousands of images, carefully checked and selected by moderators. The company is headquartered in Florida, USA, and has business offices in Germany, Great Britain and Russia.


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