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By Andrew Hudson Published: January 7, 2013 Updated: November 26, 2013

By Andrew Hudson Published: January 7, 2013 Updated: November 26, 2013

What’s the best online photo lab? Which website produces the best quality prints? Well, you could order the same prints from a bunch of labs and compare them. But wait, someone has just done that.

Jim Harmer at ImprovePhotography has kindly spent $250 and some precious time to test many of the major labs.

“I surveyed the members of our group on Facebook and found the 11 most popular online photo print labs and ordered the same 5 prints from each lab (which cost me over $250!). Then, we performed a blind test to find the best print quality …”
Jim Harmer at ImprovePhotography

And the Winner is…


Top 10

Here’s Jim’s full list. Click the graphic to learn more.


Sources: ImprovePhotography.

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Reply by Donna

February 19, 2013

You should have checked out Persnickety Prints.

Reply by Andrew Hudson, PhotoSecrets

March 5, 2013


Hi Donna:

Thanks for the suggestion, I did not know about Persnickety Prints.

The above is a list put together by someone else, Jim Harmer at ImprovePhotography. My own list is at Prints and I have added Persnickety Prints.


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