Self-publish an ebook on your iPad with Tactilize

Singapore by Cherian George, posted on the Tactilize blog

By Andrew Hudson Published: January 7, 2013 Updated: July 6, 2016

UPDATE: As of 3/20/2014, Tactilize was not operational.

A recent update of the self-publishing app Tactilize ( allows you to create content directly on your iPad. Now you can “publish a full interactive eBook, create an impressive press kit, or … bring your blog to the next level” since “Tactilize is the world’s first iPad self-publishing app and content network.”

“Tactilize aims to give the publishing house keys to anyone with a creative interest. We simply want to transform every iPad user into their own publisher.”
— Tactilize

Source: TechCrunch, Tactilize (

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