What browser settings should I use for eCO?

  • Firefox 2.0 users must adjust the Tabs setting to “New pages should be opened in: a new window.” The Tabs setting is under Tools/Options for Firefox for PCs and under Preferences for Firefox for Macs.
  • Internet Explorer users: Click on Tools, Internet Options, Advance Tab. In the Browsing Section, uncheck “Reuse window for launching shortcuts”
  • Turnoff popup blockers for the eCO website.
  • Disable any third-party Toolbars (Google or Yahoo Toolbar).
  • Check your security and privacy setting and make sure they are set to MEDIUM.
  • Create an eCO Shortcut on your desktop (Right mouse click anywhere in an open area on your desktop; choose New from the drop down menu and then select Shortcut; type or copy and paste the following URL: eco.copyright.gov/eService_enu/ click on Next and type in a name for the shortcut (for example: “Electronic Copyright Office”); click Finish.)
  • If you bookmarked or saved the eCO home page in your favorites, change the address path (Go to favorites; right mouse click on the link; go to Properties and shorten the address to eco.copyright.gov/eService_enu/)

U.S. Copyright Office, eCO Frequently Asked Questions

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