PhotoSecrets Tips for Better Photos

Tips ForBetter Photos

How To Improve Your Photography
A Free, Online Guide

By Andrew Hudson

Author Andrew Hudson is the photographer of ten color, travel photography PhotoSecrets Books and, not coincidentally, the publisher of this website.

Taking photos is fun. What’s more fun, is taking great photos. Then you can really enjoy your new hobby. In this free, “online book,” I’m going to reveal how you can improve your photography. Welcome to PhotoSecrets Tips For Better Photos.

“I’d like to get better as a photographer. Can you give me some tips?”

Certainly. On April 1, 1996, I quit my “real” job as an engineer/sales manager for British Telecom and attempted to publish the first color travel guide for photographers. I realized — if the photos were going to look good printed — that my “amateur” photography had to get better. I researched travel and photography magazines, read articles, and tried to emulate the warm, colorful and friendly style of master travel photographer Bob Krist. Here’s what I learned in those first years.


  1. What Makes A Great Shot — The secret of photography
  2. How To Get Professional ’stock Image’ Quality Shots
  3. Ten Tips for Better Pictures
  4. Time Of Day — Including How To Predict A Rainbow
  5. How To Photograph Anything — Including Buildings, Interiors, Landscapes, Water, Sunsets, Dusk and Night Shots, and In Bad Weather
  6. How To Photograph People
  7. Equipment: What To Take — Includes a list of filters.
  8. Getting Technical — F-stops and stuff
  9. Making a Photo Album or Journal — How to present your photographs

This free “online book” is supported by advertising (such as that column on the right). You can jump to any section (see above) that interests you, or read the pages in series like a book — just click on the “Next page >>” link below.

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