The world’s most expensive photo

Rhein II, 1999, by Andreas Gursky, sold for $4 million

By Andrew Hudson Published: November 9, 2011 Updated: January 19, 2017

Andreas Gursky, at age 44, took a photo of the Rhine river in Germany in 1999. Yesterday, a print of that photo sold for an impressive $4,338,500. You could call the picture flat, dull, yet somehow mesmerizing; but now you can also call it the world’s most expensive photograph.

On a related note, on the next overcast day, I’ll be heading out to photograph the nearest straight river.

Source: Christie’s via Michael Zhang at PetaPixel. Wikipedia page for Andreas Gursky.

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Reply by Iris Castro

December 20, 2011

Some would think that the photo is dull and flat but it won’t be bought for that amount if not for its perfect horizon line. Good job on this one!

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