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By Andrew Hudson Published: March 25, 2013 Updated: January 28, 2016

By Andrew Hudson Published: March 25, 2013 Updated: January 28, 2016

The founder of iStockphoto — Bruce Livingstone — has founded a new microstock site, Stocksy. This time, the agency is a co-operative, owned (in theory) by all the participating photographers (of which there seem to be many). Photographers get 50% royalty and 90% of profits are divided among members.

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, Stocksy offers “… sustainable careers through profit sharing and co-ownership with our artists. We also pay the highest royalty rates in the industry.”

“We will revolutionize licensed photography not only with our co-op structure, but by making great images accessible for a reasonable price while simultaneously raising the industry standard.”

You could join the team:

“If you are interested in becoming a Stocksy artist and joining our sustainable co-operative, we’re happy to review your portfolio. Successful artists will be contacted by receiving an invitation to apply.”

The Stocksy team, March 2013. Founder Bruce Livingstone is in the white T-shirt. Image from Stocksy.

Stocksy, a licensing co-op launched March 2013, is a new concept in the world of stock photography: An online marketplace owned collectively by its photographer-members and dedicated to paying them the maximum fees possible for their work.

Co-founded by Bruce Livingstone, who invented microstock with iStockphoto — which he sold to Getty Images in 2006 — Stocksy was built out of his experience shaping the ground floor of the sector. Stocksy is a cooperative designed to respect the work of the artist and whose very system of shared ownership and profit sharing allows for real, sustainable careers for all participants in the marketplace.



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