PhotoSecrets maps now show photos

By Andrew Hudson Published: October 21, 2014 Updated: November 20, 2016

The maps on all ten PhotoSecrets guides have been upgraded. Previously, the map markers were camera icons; now they’re photos, sized by importance.

Better than Panoramio

The style is inspired by Panoramio (part of Google Maps), with several improvements:

  • Land-based photos. No more photos in the ocean — all locations are verified through Wikipedia, with only shots that you can easily take without a boat.
  • Targeted coverage. No scattershot — only curated photos of tourist attractions are included.
  • Ten sizes rather than two. Instead of two sizes of photos based on popularity, there are ten different sizes based on ranking/importance to the location.
  • Hover. On desktops, you can hover the mouse over a photo for more information, before clicking to go to the associated page.

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Sources: Screenshots from PhotoSecrets and Panoramio.

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