PhotoSecrets gets a new icon

By Andrew Hudson Published: January 1, 2016 Updated: November 14, 2016

A camera and map marker combine to form the new icon for PhotoSecrets.

The original PhotoSecrets camera icon is 19 years old. Wow, that is a long time on the Internet. I created it in September 1996 using a felt-tip pen, porous paper, and a scanner. The result had a friendly, calligraphic look.

Tidied up in Adobe Illustrator 6, the icon debuted in 1997 with my first book, PhotoSecrets San Francisco. In 2011, I thickened the lines for the iPhone app icon.

Now that the Internet has moved to “flat” design, I thought an update was in order. To show the concept of photography locations, the new icon combines a map marker as the lens of a camera. The colors have been changed to match the black and gold of the PhotoSecrets logo (unchanged since 1996).

With logo (square)

With logo (horizontal)



As an Apple icon


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