PhotoSecrets Dubai debuts

By Andrew Hudson Published: September 12, 2013 Updated: November 20, 2016

The world’s seventh-most-popular destination city and home of the world’s tallest building now has a photographer’s guide.

PhotoSecrets Dubai shows over 140 photography location spots, with photos, descriptions, GPS coordinates, and interactive maps. Now you can explore and photograph without missing a great view.

Dubai is a city and the most populous emirate in the United Arab Emirates, a country on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Settled in 1799 and formally established in 1833 as a trading port, Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis, a global city, and a business and cultural hub of the Middle East.

Built with oil industry financing, the largest revenue source is now tourism. Today, Dubai is known for the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), man-made islands with luxury hotels, and some of the largest shopping malls in the world.

PhotoSecrets Dubai is the ninth online guide in the PhotoSecrets series and is free to read online.

Indoor skiing at Ski Dubai Jonrawlinson/Flickr


Top photo credit: Joi, on Flickr.

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