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Tree in palm of hand, by Panorios
Rank: 1; Downloads: >18,000

Green Field, by Kertlis
Rank: 2; Downloads: >11,000

Business group on a 3D-rendered background
Lise Gagne
Rank: 3; Downloads: >10,000

Grandfather and grandson with cloud, by Pavel Losevsky
Rank: 4; Downloads: >9,900

Paradise Beach, by Benjamin Goode
Rank: 5; Downloads: >9,400

Green Grass with Daisy Flowers, by Narvikk
Rank: 6; Downloads: >9,300

Sun and Life, by Plainview
Rank: 7; Downloads: >8,700

Business Deal, by Simon McConico
Rank: 8; Downloads: >8,600

Green Grass and Blue Sky, by Narvikk
Rank: 9; Downloads: >8,500

Spring Sunset, by Lakov Kalinin
Rank: 10; Downloads: >8,100

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