Kodak Picture Spot, 1920–2012

By Andrew Hudson Published: December 31, 2012 Updated: January 28, 2016

By Andrew Hudson Published: December 31, 2012 Updated: January 28, 2016

The landmark Kodak Picture Spot signs — which tell tourists where to take photos from — are no more. They are being removed from their last bastion — Disney properties — since Kodak, due to bankruptcy, is ending the 56-year sponsorship of Disneyland, and Disney World.

“Kodak Picture Spots: Throughout Disneyland you will see posts bearing signs to mark picture-taking spots. From such a spot — or from nearby — you will find many scenes worth photographing.”
Disneyland map, 1963

“Kodak has served as the official film and camera partner at Disneyland since the park opened in 1955.”
Suzi Brown, Disneyland Resort spokeswoman, 2012

History of the Kodak Picture Spot

Kodak Scenic Spot, 1920–1939

“As photography became more engrossed in American culture in the early 20th century, The Eastman Kodak Company began to look for new ways to advertise photography and its cameras. With the rise of the automobile industry and the development of American highways, the company began a campaign called “Kodak Scenic Spots.” Starting in 1920, Kodak began to place signs throughout American highways that advertised both their name and the practice of photography by marking interesting and beautiful scenery.

Initially, these signs appeared on the roads outside of Kodak’s hometown of Rochester, NY in order to test the effectiveness of the idea. Within a year, they began sending members of their advertising department across the country to select the most scenic views to be awarded signs. By 1939, Kodak had placed 6,000 scenic spot signs across the country.

The exact phrases used in these signs changed over time. When the company began the campaign, the signs read: “Picture Ahead! Kodak as you go.” Eventually, the use of the work “Kodak” as a verb was stopped and the signs were changed to read: “Kodak Scenic Spot.”

— Eastmanhouse.org

Kodak Picture Spot, ?<1963–2012

After the initial campaign ended in 1939, Kodak continued to place these signs sporadically in theme parks and tourist locations until the late 1980s. These signs also carried a new label, which read: “Kodak Picture Moment.”
— Eastmanhouse.org

Map of Kodak Picture Spots in Disneyland, 1963

Map of Kodak Picture Spots at Magic Kingdom

Kodak Picture Spot signs were located in Disneyland at:

  • Main street -in front of the Walt and Mickey Statue
  • Rivers of America - by Mark Twain
  • Outside of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • Entrance to Toon Town by Roger Rabbit
  • Next to Peter Pan
  • Right side of the Castle
  • Submarine lagoon near the matterhorn
  • Big Thunder Ranch in front of the wagon near the entrance


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Sources: WDW Info, Orange County Register, Wikipedia. Image credit: Tom Arthur/Wikipedia

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