iStockphoto renamed iStock

By Andrew Hudson Published: September 17, 2013 Updated: October 9, 2014

Before, it was officially “iStockphoto” and socially “iStock” (on Facebook and Twitter). Now, the microstock agency is simply “iStock.” Or, officially, “iStock by Getty Images.” And the website is still So that clears things up.

The microstock agency has quietly rebranded itself — so quietly that I can’t find an official announcement (thank you to sleuth Steven Snell at Vandelay Design). Dropping the word “photo” from the name makes sense as the agency has expanded to offer illustrations, video and audio. But using two typefaces plus a period in the logo looks a bit clunky to me.

Founded in 2000, iStockphoto was purchased by Getty Images in 2006, which itself was purchased by private equity firm Carlyle Group in 2012. So maybe the full name should be “iStock. by Getty Images. by Carlyle Group.” But that’s just silly.


Sources: Vandelay Design. Image credit: Vandelay Design.

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