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Get immediate results with my new on-page search engine

To offer you more photo guides in the future, I’ve redesigned the PhotoSecrets home page to get you around a new feature I call “instant search.”

Type your interest into a central search box and matches from over 1,000 options are immediately displayed. There is no waiting for a remote server, or even for a complete word — the search engine is local, predictive, and fast.

Choose from over 700 photography books, over 200 photo guides, and hundreds of blog posts and summaries of articles.

Faster than Google!

The search requires no external calls (HTTP requests). Everything is already in the web page, including the custom JavaScript search coding and the unlimited number of tagged tiles. So, unlike Google and other search engines, Instant Search does not have to wait for an external server to provide data — the results are immediate.


The body of the home page is a colorful mosaic of interchangeble tiles. Each tile can show a travel photo, a travel guide book, an app, a mini-article, links to topics, popular questions, or anything else.

Over 1,000 tiles are hidden in the page and they can be immediately displayed with the new Instant Search feature. As soon as you type a letter, a custom script on the web page searches for all tiles with tags that match your input. Enter “YOS” and everything for Yosemite National Park is shown (currently five photo guides). Enter “EX” and see photography books about exposure (currently 16).

Try a search for your favorite location, and see a customized photo menu appear before you.

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