First six print-on-demand books

My first six print-on-demand PhotoSecrets books are now available. These are hard-copy versions of my photography-location guides that can be printed quickly and shipped to you via Amazon. (Update: Yes there are eight, I added two more.)

Each book is a 6" × 9" paperback, with 100ā€“200 pages, and is available in two options: with a black-and-white interior for $19.99, or a nicer but more expensive color interior for $29.99. (Currently a few versions are unavailable due to an issue Iā€™m working on.)

Easter Island, Chile
Fushimi Inari-taisha, JapanB&W
Golden Gate Bridge, USA
Kew Gardens, UKB&WColor
Kinkaku-ji, JapanB&WColor
Taj Mahal, IndiaB&W
Arches National Park, USAB&WColor
Hampton Court Palace, UKB&W

Print on demand

Print-on-demand (POD) is a technology where books are printed upon order, allowing prints of singular or small quantities.

When I first started publishing PhotoSecrets books in 1997, I used traditional offset printing, but that has a huge fixed cost which prohibits me from created a large number of titles. With the advent of digital printing, books can now be made individually, and the fixed cost to me is zero dollars. Now I can create books for free as PDFs (Portable Document Format), upload the files to CreateSpace, and have the books available on Amazon.

Later, I intend to make small print runs of popular books for distribution to other outlets, and create apps and e-books from the same source files for instant delivery.

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