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By Andrew Hudson Published: March 11, 2013 Updated: July 12, 2016

Update: 5/11/15: Ourspot appears to be no longer in business.

Here’s a potentially useful site for photographers who want to get paid.

Ourspot is a new social marketplace for people to hire photographers. You can upload a portfolio and wait for people to offer you jobs. Clients request photoshoots at their choice of payment amount and you can decide which jobs you want to accept.

“Ourspot is free to use as a service for browsing photographers and showcasing your portfolio. You can even setup photoshoots and get photographers for absolutely free. If you opt to hire a photographer for a paid amount, though, we charge a fee of approximately 3% for credit card processing and 8% to cover the cost of running the site.”
— Ourspot

The site also acts as a free portfolio-sharing place, to exhibit your work and find clients.

“[P]hotography is something that you can run random gigs for. There are a lot of people who are into photography, but they might not have the means to be a professional or market themselves. I just wanted to create an opportunity for them to put their work out.”
Sam Yam, Ourspot founder, to TechCrunch

At launch, Ourspot only works for San Francisco but other locations are planned.

From Ourspot:

What is Ourspot?

Ourspot is a marketplace for people to find photographers and for photographers to showcase their portfolios. We believe everyone is a photographer but not everyone is setup to be a professional, so we wanted to enable all photographers, with their own unique styles, to still go out and take photos for others.

Who can be a photographer on Ourspot?

Anyone! All you need to do is upload a portfolio for others to be able to see what your work looks like.

What can I do with Ourspot?

As a photographer:

  • Feature your portfolio
  • Find jobs or free opportunities to market yourself and build up your portfolio
  • Discover social events to meet people and other photographers

How do payments work?

If you’re creating a photoshoot that will pay photographers, you’ll be prompted to pay the amount for the photoshoot right after creating it. Then after the photographers join your event (you can opt to require approval before a photographer can join) and upload the photos they’ve taken into your photoshoot, you’ll be able to individually send out payment to each of your photographers through your photoshoot page.

Sources: Ourspot via SLR Lounge and TechCrunch.

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